Why Strength Training?

In our programs, we bring up the topic of physical activity numerous times with our patients. 


Can weight loss occur without engaging in regular physical activity? Yes.

Does metabolism go down when we lose weight? Yes.

Will physical activity help boost metabolism and promote weight loss maintenance? Yes.

Weight loss involves more than just fat loss: bone and muscle is lost as well. Muscle mass is the biggest driver of metabolic rate. The more muscle an individual has, the more calories they burn throughout the day. Though aerobic exercises can help preserve muscle mass, they only do so much. This is the place where strength training comes in.

Strength, or resistance, training is the best way to help build muscle mass. When engaging in strength exercises, muscle fibers tear (soreness), and then rebuild stronger (gain). This muscle gain is what helps boost metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories even while you sleep. Burning more calories 24/7 equals weight loss maintenance. 

For some, starting a strength training program can result in frustration. It is not uncommon for the scale to shift down slowly, or even not at all. Changes can often be noticed in other ways, however, such as appearance and the fit of clothing. These changes occur because muscle tissue is more dense than fat tissue. A person can lose 1 pound of fat, gain 1 pound of muscle, and be able to fit into smaller clothing (lose inches), even when the number on the scale stays the same.

Another added benefit of strength training is that it can build bone tissue. Strong muscles need strong bones to support them. Strengthening muscle also will strengthen bone. Weight loss surgery patients are especially at risk for decreased bone mineral density, and engaging in strength training can help preserve bone.

If you are new to strength training or need help getting started, Boone Health is proud to offer personal training services at a reasonable cost! Visit the Boone Fitness website for more information.

If you have physical restrictions due to an injury or medical condition, our licensed physical therapists are also available to build the best exercise plan that safely accommodates your needs. Everybody can do something! Visit the Boone Therapy website for more information.