Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Candace before bariatric surgery
Before bariatric surgery
Candace after bariatric surgery
After bariatric surgery

Candace Willis, 55, Vandalia, Missouri


Weight pre-surgery in November 2017: 249 pounds
Weight today: 164 pounds

At age 55, Candace weighed 249 pounds. She was diabetic, coping with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Candace’s life was busy and her health was out of control! She was working as a case manager for the Missouri Department of Corrections and busy caring for her husband, Wayne, three kids and six grandchildren. “Life just takes over,” Candace says.

More than a year after bariatric surgery, Candace now weighs 164 pounds. The change has been life-altering. Candace no longer lives within the physical limitations that come with obesity, and she has a new perspective on life. Being healthy isn’t just being physical fit; it’s about having a healthy self-image and confidence. “It is important, because we are meant to live our lives fully,” Candace adds. “I want to be a participant, not just be a spectator. I have a wonderful family and I want to enjoy them for as long as I can.”