Our Program

Our Program

About our Bariatric Program

Boone Hospital Center offers medical and surgical treatment for weight loss to those that meet specific criteria and have struggled with lifetime obesity. In March of 2004, Boone Hospital Center opened its bariatric program. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, each patient is carefully evaluated by the team and is provided education about weight loss treatments available.

Nutritional counseling is also provided as an essential component to help our patients achieve long-term success.

Boone Hospital Center’s bariatric program uses a multi-disciplinary approach to assess and evaluate each patient. Dr. James Pitt, DO and Dr. Nicole Spencer, DO perform laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy and bypass procedures.

Weight loss surgery is available to those that have exhausted all other measures for weight loss. To be considered for the bariatric program, each patient must first complete an informational seminar.  We offer online or live seminar options.


A Team of Experts for Lasting Results

Long-term weight loss isn't just about the surgery - it's about a team of people who support your entire journey. Here are a couple of the experts you will work with to make sure you're successful every step of the way:

Coordinator of Bariatric Services

The coordinator is responsible for assisting in educating each patient about the weight loss surgeries available, risks and benefits of the procedures, expected post-operative course as well as long-term outcomes. The coordinator assists in transitioning the patient’s care from the outpatient to the inpatient setting. This includes the application phase, pre-op phase and post-op phase.

Registered Dietitian

Each patient will visit individually with the dietitian both before and after surgery. The dietitian has four main goals for all patients. 

  1.     To promote safe and successful weight loss.
  2.     To teach eating and lifestyle behaviors that will aid in achieving and maintaining a healthy and desirable body weight.
  3.     Prevent nutrition deficiencies from reduced intake and absorption of foods.
  4.     To prevent and alleviate discomfort or intolerance of food

With surgery only being a treatment tool for weight loss, it is very important to follow the recommended diet closely.

Physical Therapist or Fitness Instructor

Each patient will be evaluated by either a physical therapist or fitness instructor both before and after surgery. The physical therapist or fitness instructor will evaluate your current activity and exercise routines. The therapist or instructor will then design a structured activity and exercise plan for you. The therapist or instructor will provide encouragement and support as you begin participating in daily activity and exercise. Educational resources will also be provided to help you increase your overall knowledge of the beneficial effects of activity and exercise. Exercise, along with diet changes, is essential for a successful outcome. Exercise will help:

  •       Prepare you for surgery
  •       Begin building muscle mass that will help increase metabolism
  •       Increase endurance
  •       Help maintain weight loss long-term.


Each patient will visit with the psychologist prior to surgery for a clinical interview and testing if indicated. Dr. Laura Brenner, PhD, is a psychologist who works closely with the surgeons and our program. The psychological evaluation is necessary to identify psychological issues that may hinder someone from following the program guidelines after surgery. The evaluation is intended to identify problem areas or psychological issues that may need to be dealt with both prior to and after surgery. As weight loss occurs, you will experience many changes in your lifestyle and relationships that you have formed with others. It is important to have the psychologist involved with your care so that she may help you work through the changes that will occur in your life. You may find that speaking with the psychologist following surgery may be quite helpful in your recovery.

Insurance Specialist

An insurance specialist will contact your insurance company and verify that you have benefits for weight loss surgery.

Financial Counselor

A finance counselor is available to speak with you regarding financial concerns associated with weight loss surgery.