Non-Surgical Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

Non-Surgical Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

Gain Control of Your Hunger

Each patient’s needs are different. We can also help you live a life-changing experience with a medically supervised weight loss program. Under the supervision of a physician and our dietitian, our medically supervised weight loss program provides individualized counseling and meal planning to help you reach your specific weight loss goals.

About Our Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

During your first visit, we carefully perform a detailed initial assessment in order to create a diet and exercise program tailored specifically to your lifestyle and dietary needs. If deemed medically appropriate, your physician will prescribe a safe and effective weight loss medication to help gain better control of your hunger.

Using a combination of nutrition, pharmacology, and physical activity, our goal is to rapidly correct your metabolism to decrease appetite and increase energy output. You will then meet with your registered dietitian to establish the specifics of your meal plan. Our high protein, low carbohydrate diet program focuses on net carbs and a high fiber diet to keep the body satisfied and energized while promoting fat burn for effective weight loss.

At your first visit, your physician will determine which plan will be most effective for you. We offer 3 different meal plan options:

  1. Meal replacements only
  2. Combination of meal replacements with food
  3. Food only

Most patients begin with at least a two-week protein sparing modified fast using liquid supplements to help get hunger under control quickly. During the protein sparing modified fast, we utilize Celebrate nutrition supplements and meal replacements to promote faster weight loss.

Each participant will follow up with regular consultations to provide ongoing personalized support, guidance, and encouragement. At each meeting, we will review various diet education modules, evaluate your food records for the week, and come up with strategies for overcoming individual challenges.

Our mission is to help you make the best choices to reach your goal weight and to give you the tools needed to successfully manage your weight for the rest of your life.

Back On Track Program

Our 18 week “Back on Track” program includes 9 individualized visits with a registered dietitian.

Examples of Diet Education Modules:

  • Net Carbs and Fiber
  • Empty Calories vs. Nutrient-Dense Calories
  • Emotional Eating
  • Options for Reducing Hunger
  • Managing Weight Plateaus
  • Tips for Dining Out
  • Snacks to Promote Weight Loss
  • Understanding BMI and Body Fat Percentage
  • Fitness Basics
  • Approaching the Holidays with a Healthy Mindset
  • Common Nutrition and Weight Loss Myths
  • Hydration and Fluid Consumption
  • What is Insulin and Insulin Resistance

For more information on some of our weight loss medication options:

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