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Weight loss treatment for those in need of a plan

Boone Hospital Center offers surgical and non-surgical treatment for weight loss.

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Boone Hospital Center's bariatric program has a team of individuals that will help support you along your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Each team member is committed to helping you succeed.

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Boone Hospital Center's bariatric program uses a multi-disciplinary approach to access and evaluate each patient. Dr. James Pit, DO and Dr. Nicole Spencer, DO perform laparascopic adjustable gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy, and bypass procedures.

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Gastric Bands

These silicone adjustable bands are placed around the upper portion of the stomach to restrict the amount of food that can be consumed, and to create a longer feeling of satiety.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

During the vertical sleeve gastrectomy, the stomach is restricted by stapling and dividing it vertically. Approximately 60% of the stomach is removed, so you feel full more quickly.

Gastric Bypass

The laparoscopic gastric bypass consists of separating the stomach into two sections using rows of staples, then dividing the stomach surgically.

Bariatric Revisions

This is a minimally invasive procedure that is used to treat patients who regain weight after gastric bypass surgery.

Robotic Bariatric Surgery

This is a form of sleeve gastrectomy and Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgeries that utilize robotic assistance.

Criteria For Surgery

Regardless of your weight, age, or weight loss history, you may meet the criteria for weight loss surgery. Check out our guidelines to learn if you are a candidate for our program.

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Our Team

Boone Hospital Center’s Bariatric Program has a team of specialists who will help support you along your journey to a healthier lifestyle

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Rather than relying only on the bathroom scale to tell you if you are overweight, experts will also take note of your body mass index (BMI).

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Surgeries Performed

Surgeries Performed


Surgeries Performed

Specialists on Staff

Specialists on Staff


Specialists on staff

Obese Americans

Obese Americans


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Success Rate


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What do our patients say?

Here's how we've helped members of our community lose weight and change their lives for good:

Candace Willis

I want to be a participant, not just be a spectator. I have a wonderful family and I want to enjoy them for as long as I can.

Before: 249 pounds
Now: 164 pounds

Candace WillisCandace Willis

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